Terms and Conditions

Online Shopping Terms and Conditions


    1.1. These general conditions regulate the conditions that determine the use of this website www.huracandanceshoes.com and the purchase of products on it (hereinafter "Conditions"), namely, the registration and ordering of products.

    1.2. For the purposes of these general terms and conditions:

    1. a) COMPANY NAME: HDS – Huracán Dance Shoes, Lda., headquartered at Rua Joăo de Freitas Branco, nº 20A and 20B, 1500-359 Lisbon, tax identification number 515354430 and contact (+351) 910 265 328 (Call to national mobile network), with a share capital of €1,000.00, hereinafter referred to as «HURACÁN DANCE SHOES» holder of all copyright or related rights, as well as other rights that may be subject to the protection provided for in the Industrial Property Code on the page/ website with the address www.huracandanceshoes.com and supplier of goods available for ordering on the same website;
      b) “User”: any natural person, not a trader, who places an order through the website www.huracandanceshoes.com.

    1.3. The purpose of these general sales conditions is to provide and define all the information necessary for the User regarding the modalities of order, sale, payment and delivery of purchases made on the website www.huracandanceshoes.com

    1.4. The parties agree that the general conditions of sale will be governed exclusively by this contract, excluding any conditions previously available on the website.

    1.5. These general conditions do not detract from the User's rights and guarantees contained in Decree-Law No. 24/2014, of 14 February and other legislation in force for contracts of this nature.

    1.6. We ask that the User carefully read these conditions, the policy regarding cookies and our privacy policy before using this website. When using this website or placing an order through it, the User is aware that he/she must comply with these conditions and our privacy policy, so if you do not agree with them, you should not use it.

    1.7. These conditions can be changed, and it is the User's responsibility to read them regularly, since the conditions in force at the time of using the website or signing the contract are those that will apply. If you have any questions regarding the conditions or privacy policies, you can contact us through the HURACÁN DANCE SHOES Customer Service: info@huracandanceshoes.com or telephone (+351) 910 265 328 (Call to national mobile network).

    1.8. HURACÁN DANCE SHOES may, at any time, update, modify or replace these Conditions and/or policies associated with them.


    2.1. To place an order, it is necessary to register in the online store by creating an account, providing some personal data. If the User is already registered, he/she must identify himself through his email address and respective password.

    2.2. If you wish to register, you can do so through the website www.huracandanceshoes.com, by filling in the fields on the form available there.

    2.3. After registering as a customer on the website www.huracandanceshoes.com, the User can access his personal account online, logging in, using the personal and non-transferable password chosen by him at the time of registration. The User can change his password at any time.

    2.4. The User authorizes the use of the information provided for contact purposes whenever necessary, as well as the provision, by HURACÁN DANCE SHOES, of their personal data (name, address and contact) to the carrier in charge of delivering the items. If you do not do so, HURACÁN DANCE SHOES will not be able to proceed with your order.

    2.5. By making a purchase through this website, the User declares that he is over 18 years of age and has the legal capacity to enter into contracts.

    2.5. From the moment you access the website www.huracandanceshoes.com, by logging in, the User is subject to these general conditions, as well as the legal and regulatory rules governing the respective operation and use.

    2.6. The formalization of an order by the User implies prior knowledge and full and unreserved acceptance of these general sales conditions.

  • 3. ORDER

    3.1. All products available on the website www.huracandanceshoes.com are illustrated with photographs and with an indication of their essential characteristics.

    3.2. At any time, HURACÁN DANCE SHOES may change, delete or move any information / product on the website and Online Store, without the need for prior notice, namely those relating to prices, promotions, offers, commercial conditions and services.

    3.3. The images are merely illustrative and may not strictly correspond to the actual appearance of the products, so the User must carefully and fully read the information provided on the website about the essential characteristics of each product, warnings and instructions for use.

    3.4. All products for sale on the website are subject to existing stock. If there is any unavailability of any ordered products, HURACÁN DANCE SHOES will immediately inform the User, refunding him any amount that he may have paid, within 30 days.

    3.5. To make a purchase on the Online Store, the User must access the website www.huracandanceshoes.com, by logging in using the email and using his password, and selecting the product or products available there for sale online, concluding with the confirmation of delivery address and final validation of the order.

    3.6. To place your order, the User must:

    a) Register on the website www.huracandanceshoes.com, providing the information requested therein.

    b) Log in (providing a combination of email and password chosen by the User upon registration).

    c) Complete the information and choose the options available to you throughout the order completion process (delivery and billing address, shipping method, payment method, as well as the TIN and the name you want, for tax purposes, that appear on the invoice).

    3.7. Once registered, the User may place his order following the online purchase procedure, namely, inserting the desired products in his shopping cart. You must follow all the steps indicated in it, for the order to be completed successfully.

    Once the selection process of the desired products is completed, the User must select the option “Finish Order”.

    3.8. The final confirmation of the order by the User is equivalent to full and complete acceptance of the prices and description of the products available for sale, as well as these General Conditions of Sale, which will be the only ones applicable to the contract thus concluded.

    3.9. After confirming the order on the HURACÁN DANCE SHOES online store, the User must select the payment method he/she wishes from among the available options: Multibanco, MB WAY, Visa, Mastercard.

    3.10. Any order placed on the HURACÁN DANCE SHOES online store will only be processed after the effective receipt of payment. The formalization of the order by itself does not constitute a reservation of the products.

    3.11. To reduce the risk of unauthorized access, your credit card details will be encrypted. Upon receipt of your order, we will pre-authorize your card to ensure there are sufficient funds to complete the transaction. Your card will be debited as soon as your order leaves our warehouses. By clicking on "Checkout", the customer confirms that the credit card is his or her or that he is the legitimate owner of the payment card.

    3.12. Credit cards are subject to checks and authorizations by the issuers, but if they do not authorize the payment, we will not be responsible for any delay or non-delivery and we will not be able to formalize any Agreement with the User.

    3.13. After receiving the order data, the User has 1 hour to make the payment, unless the order is registered under a promotional campaign that defines a different deadline, and it is not possible to guarantee prices, discounts, promotions and offers beyond of this period. If payment is not received by our services within the aforementioned period, the order cannot be validated. Any value received after this date will be returned or used in a new order.

    3.14. To place an order, the User must follow the online purchase procedure and click on "Authorize Payment", and must first read and accept these Purchase Conditions. You will later receive an email acknowledging receipt of your order (the “Order Confirmation”). You will also receive an email in which we will confirm that the order has been shipped (the “Delivery Confirmation”).

    3.15. Orders placed by Users from countries outside the European Union must be validated in advance.

    3.16. Orders will only be sent after confirmation of stock and payment and will be processed in order of arrival.

    3.17. Payments are received in euros, regardless of the currency in which the transaction is carried out. The conversion fees for payments made in other currencies must be borne by the customer.

    3.18. The User will receive, by email, all information regarding the following status of their order: confirmation of the order and its processing and dispatch. The Customer can follow the status of the order by accessing his reserved area on the website www.huracandanceshoes.com.

    3.19. In the event that your order is shipped to your address or to an address chosen by you, the User will receive an email with its tracking number, so that you can follow the delivery in real time, through the platform of our shipping partner . If the order is to be picked up at the store, an email will be sent to you when it is shipped and within 1 to 3 working days you will be able to pick up the order at the store. Any questions, please contact HURACÁN DANCE SHOES Customer Support: info@huracandanceshoes.com or telephone (+351) 910 265 328 (Call to national mobile network).

    3.20. The data contained in the invoice are the sole responsibility of the User. Once issued, the invoice cannot be reissued with changes.


    4.1. The price of products for sale on the website www.huracandanceshoes.com is identified therein, in euros.

    4.2. All purchases made through this website are subject to the current Portuguese Value Added Tax (VAT) rate.

    4.3. The price of products for sale on the website www.huracandanceshoes.com does not include shipping costs, which will be added to the total amount due.

    4.4. The prices of the website www.huracandanceshoes.com may be modified at any time, without prior notice.

    4.5. The price of each product will be the one identified, at any time, on our website, except in case of obvious error.

    4.6. If we detect an error in the price of any of the products you have ordered, we will inform you as soon as possible and give you the option to confirm the order again at the correct price or cancel it.

    4.7. If it is not possible to contact the User, the order will be canceled and the amount paid will be refunded in full.

    4.8. Prices can be changed at any time, but (except in the cases mentioned above) possible changes will not affect orders for which we have already sent an Order Confirmation.

  • 5. DELIVERY:

    5.1. HURACÁN DANCE SHOES sends the product or products ordered by the User through the logistics operator CTT to the address indicated by the User when confirming the order.

    5.2. Deliveries will be made on the days and times used by the logistics operator. Delivery times refer to working days, with no processing of orders and/or shipments on Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays.

    5.3. If the User has chosen the "home delivery" mode, we will send them a shipping confirmation email (at the time of shipment), another with a tracking number (with a link to the shipping company's website) and, finally, the carrier will contact you via SMS message or email to inform you of delivery of your order.

    5.4. If you have opted for delivery at the store, we will notify you of the arrival of the merchandise via an SMS message, and you can pick it up at any time in the store. The in-store survey can be done at the following address: R. Almeida da Costa 96/100, Santa Marinha, 4400-239 Vila Nova de Gaia.

    5.5. HURACÁN DANCE SHOES will not deliver any product or products to PO Boxes.

    5.6. HURACÁN DANCE SHOES undertakes to deliver the order within a maximum period of 7 days from the date of payment.

    5.7. Notwithstanding the stated deadlines, delays may occur for any of the following reasons:

    i. Delays by carriers;
    ii. Difficulties in delivery to the recipient;
    iii. Local holidays.

    5.8. Orders can be delivered outside mainland Portugal, as long as the address is covered by the carrier's delivery area.

    5.9. If for any reason the User is unable to receive the order or pick it up at the location indicated by the carrier, the User is requested to contact HURACÁN DANCE SHOES immediately via email info@huracandanceshoes.com.

    5.10. If, after delivery, the customer finds that any of the items is not in compliance, he is requested to contact HURACÁN DANCE SHOES immediately via email info@huracandanceshoes.com, indicating the order number or the document number that accompanied the order, attaching images of the package as it was received and of all the items, so that the situation can be resolved as soon as possible.

  • 6. RETURNS:

    6.1. Under the terms of DL no. 24/2014, of 14 February, amended by Law 47/2012, of 28 July and by DL no. 78/2018, of 15 October, Consumers, whose definition is provided for in referred to by law, have the right to freely terminate the contract, up to 14 days after receiving the order, without any need for justification.

    6.2. To exercise the right of free termination of the contract, the User has the following options:

    1. If you have not yet received the «Order Shipping Confirmation» email, clearly expressing your willingness to cancel the order by calling (+351) 910 265 328 (Call to national mobile networkor by email info@huracandanceshoes.com.
    2. If you have already received the «Order Shipping Confirmation», you must wait for it to be delivered to you, then fill out the return form and return the order.

    6.3. Once the right of free termination of the contract has been exercised under the terms provided for in the previous paragraphs, HURACÁN DANCE SHOES will acknowledge, within 24:00 hours, the receipt of this declaration, by means of an email addressed to the User.

    6.4. The right of free withdrawal may be exercised by the User for all products purchased or only for some of the products included in the order.

    6.5. To proceed with the return of one or more items by mail, you must send them to the following address: R. Almeida da Costa 96/100, Santa Marinha, 4400-239 Vila Nova de Gaia .

    6.6. The item must be shipped in the original product box, together with a copy of the invoice.

    6.7. The exchange or return request will only be valid after completing the return form duly completed. The box must be properly sealed, so that no loss or other harmful event occurs during shipment to the HURACÁN DANCE SHOES warehouse.

    6.8. The shipping costs for the item will be entirely borne by the Customer.

    6.9. The return of defective products and wrong shipments is the responsibility of HURACÁN DANCE SHOES, as well as shipping and collection costs when the customer communicates this situation within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of receipt of the product.

    6.10. Products must be returned using or cumulatively including:

    1. The original packaging;

    2. The order confirmation number and/or copy of the invoice/receipt;

    3. All product labels and packaging.

    6.11. After confirmation, by the employees of HURACÁN DANCE SHOES, that the item has been returned in the conditions in which it was delivered to the User, HURACÁN DANCE SHOES will refund the price, using the same payment method used in the purchase. The refund is made within a maximum period of 14 working days. If payment for the order has been made through an ATM reference, you must place the IBAN on the form to refund the price of the item(s) by bank transfer.

    6.12. If the User considers that the item he has received is not in normal or usual condition, in accordance with the agreed terms, he must contact HURACÁN DANCE SHOES at the email address info@huracandanceshoes.com with an explanation of the situation, including in the same photographs that enable the perception and evaluation of any defect. The HURACÁN DANCE SHOES team will contact the User as soon as possible.

    6.13. If the return has been made within the period provided for in these Conditions, and the product meets all the necessary requirements identified, the return will be carried out.

    6.14. HURACÁN DANCE SHOES reserves the right to withhold refund as long as the products are not received or as long as the User does not provide proof of their return, as well as the right to refuse a refund for a product that, having been returned, is not found. under the conditions in which it was shipped.

    6.15. If all the conditions described above are not met, the return will be refused and communicated to the User by email, which will also indicate the reasons for rejecting the return. The User has the option of requesting the return of products not accepted for return, assuming the respective shipping costs.

    6.16. The cases in which the products sold are sealed and cannot be returned for reasons of health or hygiene protection, when opened after delivery, are excluded from the provisions of these Conditions. In these situations, HURACÁN DANCE SHOES reserves the right to refuse the return of opened products after delivery.

    6.17. If the User does not receive his order, he must contact the customer support service through the email info@huracandanceshoes.com or the number (+351) 910 265 328 (Call to national mobile network).

    6.18. The contractual right to return products applies exclusively to products that can be returned under the same conditions as the User received them, with no returns/exchanges being made for products that have been used, or whose labels have been removed and/or cut , or that present damage attributable to the User.

    6.19. Any alteration of the products beyond the simple opening of the respective packaging invalidates the possibility of return or exchange.


    7.1. Defective Products:

    The products sold by HURACÁN DANCE SHOES are subject to quality inspection. However, HURACÁN DANCE SHOES is liable for any lack of conformity of products sold to Users that manifests itself within 2 years of delivery, provided that it is communicated to HURACÁN DANCE SHOES within a maximum period of 2 months from the date where it has been detected.

    The products do not comply with the purchase and sale contract when any of the following facts are verified:

    1. When the products do not comply with the description made by HURACÁN DANCE SHOES on its website;
    2. When the products are not suitable for the specific use for which they are intended;
    3. When the products are not suitable for the uses usually given to goods of the same type;
    4. When the products do not present the usual qualities and performance in goods of the same type and that the User can reasonably expect, given the nature of the good and, eventually, public statements about its specific characteristics, made by HURACÁN DANCE SHOES.

    During the warranty period, the product that has a manufacturing defect will be replaced by a similar model, when it is not possible to repair it.

    Therefore, whenever the User considers that the purchased product contains a defect, he must contact HURACÁN DANCE SHOES, via email info@huracandanceshoes.com or by calling (+351) 910 265 328 (Call to national mobile network), indicating the order number and presenting the corresponding invoice, explaining the defect and, if possible, sending photographs of the defective item.

    Confirming that, in fact, there is a non-conformity in the product, HURACÁN DANCE SHOES will replace it without any inherent cost, and HURACÁN DANCE SHOES must contact the User with a view to scheduling the collection of the non-conforming good, supporting all postage return and reshipment.

    7.2. Warranty Exclusions:

    No non-conformity or defect in the products is considered to exist if, at the time the contract is concluded, the User is aware of such non-conformity or defects or is not reasonably able to ignore them. Thus, if the product was sold with express indication that it contained the defect in question, it cannot be returned as defective, without prejudice to continuing to use the return procedures provided for in these Conditions.

    The warranty excludes materials subject to breakage, deterioration, oxidation, loss or misplacement, defects caused by blows, inappropriate use, improper maintenance and cleaning, negligence, misuse, modifications, unauthorized repairs, accidents or normal wear and damage caused by the use of other products, either in conjunction with them or in isolation.

    7.3. Other Warranties:

    Any refund by HURACÁN DANCE SHOES of amounts paid by the User will be made at the price actually paid by the User.

    HURACÁN DANCE SHOES will only be liable for damages caused as a result of gross negligence or intent.

    The User may submit their complaints by emailing info@huracandanceshoes.com or by calling (+351) 910 265 328 (Call to national mobile network).


    8.1. HURACÁN DANCE SHOES will not be liable for any non-compliance or delay in any of the assumed obligations whose cause is due to events beyond its control (Reasons/Events of Force Majeure), namely, but not exclusively: any act, event, failure in the exercise, omission or accident that is beyond the control of HURACÁN DANCE SHOES, including, among others, the following:

    i) General strike, or any other form of protest that significantly affects the country;

    ii) Public order disturbances, revolt, invasion, terrorist attack or terrorist threat, war (whether declared or not) or threat or preparation for war;

    iii) Fire, explosion, storm, flood, earthquake, landslide, epidemic or any other natural disaster;

    iv) Impossibility of using public or private telecommunications systems;

    v) Impossibility of using trains, boats, air, road or other public or private means of transport.

    vi) Government laws, decrees, regulations or restrictions.

    8.2. Any obligations will be suspended during the period in which the Force Majeure Reasons/Events occur, extending the terms to fulfill such obligations for a period of time equal to the duration of the Force Majeure Reasons/Events. HURACÁN DANCE SHOES will use all reasonable means to terminate the Force Majeure Reasons or to find a solution that allows us to comply with our obligations under the Contract, despite the Force Majeure Reasons.


    9.1. The User must expressly declare that he authorizes the collection or updating of his/her contact data, for integration in the files of HURACÁN DANCE SHOES for the purpose of managing customers, commercial relations, as well as for sending advertisements about products and services under the terms of Law No. 6/99, Law No. 41/2004 and Directive No. 2002/58/EC, through the automated processing and definition of profiles, through all available communication channels, including electronic means.

    9.2. Express consent must be given at the time of registration on the website www.huracandanceshoes.com.

    9.3. The contact details collected will be kept for the period in which the purpose for which their treatment was consented is verified, or until the exercise of the right to object, rectify and erase them is verified.

    9.4. The data subject has the right to access the stored data free of charge, as well as to request their limitation, rectification, opposition or that they be deleted when, among other legal grounds, the contact details are incorrect or no longer necessary for the purpose for which it was collected.

    9.5. The holder also has the right to withdraw his consent at any time, without compromising the lawfulness of the processing carried out based on the consent previously given.

    9.6. If technically possible, the User may request the portability of their data to another data controller, in which case they will only be kept for the exercise or defense of claims.

    9.7. When exercising some of the above mentioned rights, HURACÁN DANCE SHOES reserves the right to keep the data exclusively for the purpose of declaration, exercise or defense of a right in a legal proceeding.

    9.8. To exercise these rights or other additional questions you may have regarding data protection, you may contact HURACÁN DANCE SHOES in writing at the address R. Almeida da Costa 96/100, Santa Marinha, 4400-239 Vila Nova de Gaia; or, by calling (+351) 910 265 328 (Call to national mobile network); or, through the email info@huracandanceshoes.com, proceeding with the authentication and proof of the identity of the data subject.

    9.9. The User may also file a complaint with the National Data Protection Commission, if he/she considers that their rights have not been properly addressed. For more information, consult: https://www.cnpd.pt/.

    9.10. HURACÁN DANCE SHOES does not transfer the contact data collected to third parties. If there is a legitimate basis for its transfer, the User will be informed in advance, and the identity of the recipients and the purpose of the processing of the transferred data will be transmitted to him.

    9.11. The transfer only takes place when the third parties present sufficient guarantees for the execution of appropriate technical and organizational measures, so that the processing meets the requirements and obligations arising from the applicable data protection legislation and ensures the defense of the rights of the holder of the data.

    9.12. HURACÁN DANCE SHOES expressly represents and warrants that:

    a) It will properly handle the Personal Data it collects from its Customers in the context of providing the sales service on www.huracandanceshoes.com; that they will be treated lawfully and confidentially, loyally and transparently, and in a way that guarantees their security, namely by obliging themselves to protect such Personal Data against accidental or unlawful destruction, accidental loss, alteration, unauthorized dissemination or access;

    b) It is in a position to ensure all the appropriate technical and organizational measures so that the processing of Personal Data meets the requirements of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27.04.2016, (“RGPD”) ”), of May 25, 2018;

    c) Personal Data are intended only for the execution of orders placed through www.huracandanceshoes.com, and only those necessary, adequate, relevant and limited for this purpose are collected;

    d) Will keep Personal Data accurate and up-to-date;

    f) You will not use the Personal Data to which you have access for any purpose other than that provided for in these Terms and Conditions;

    g) At the User's request, it will destroy such Personal Data immediately and efficiently.


    All intellectual property rights, including, but not exclusively, copyright, trademark, designs, trade secrets or any others in the materials or content that are provided as part of the website are, at any time, the property of HURACÁN DANCE SHOES or whoever has granted the license for its use.

    12.1. HURACÁN DANCE SHOES is not responsible for any damage resulting from the abusive intervention of third parties in the computer system of the website www.huracandanceshoes.com or for damage resulting from the use of the Internet and resulting from the presence of computer viruses or other malicious software on the website.

    12.2. HURACÁN DANCE SHOES will not be responsible for any misuse of the Customer's access data to the site, data that are personal and non-transferable by third parties.

    12.3. If our website www.huracandanceshoes.com contains links to other pages and materials from third parties, these links are provided for information purposes only, without our having any control over the content of those pages or materials. Thus, HURACÁN DANCE SHOES will not accept any liability for damage or loss due to its use.


    13.1. The use of the website www.huracandanceshoes.com and the purchase contracts made through it are governed by Portuguese law. This provision does not affect the other rights recognized by the consumer under current legislation.

    13.2. HURACÁN DANCE SHOES has the right to change these Conditions at any time. The User is subject to the principles and terms in force on the date of his order, unless, for legal reasons, any change was imposed on them (and such changes are applicable to orders already placed).

    LAST VERSION: 2022. Lisbon, Portugal.